Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui

A transitional zone located between the Caribbean and the Northern Plains, the Sarapiqui area however offers a better and quicker access through the Caribbean region. Puerto Viejo, the main village in the Sarapiqui area is located an hour and half from San Jose, on a paved road that leads through the Braulio Carrillo National Park then via Las Horquetas. The trip is very scenic.

The Sarapiqui river and others crawl sinuously across the landscape, vast sections are waterlogged most of the year and the water canals are still vital means of communication in the entire area.

Much of the area is still covered with tropical rainforest and several private reserves established in the area offer nature lovers a true paradise for birding and nature contemplation. Fishing is excellent in this territory, crocodiles and water birds abound along the water canals together with turtles, monkeys and sloths.

Several lodges scattered along the area offer the visitor excellent shelter, good food as well as knowledgeable guides from the zone in charge of making worth the visit to this territory that lies between the northern arm of the Braulio Carrillo National Park and Nicaragua’s southern lowlands.

The village of Puerto Viejo is located in the confluence of the Sarapiqui and the Puerto Viejo rivers. In Costa Rica’s colonial times this river port due to its proximity to the San Juan river was the main shipping port. Nowadays, most of its income still comes from the river traffic.

Some of the attractions in the area for nature lovers are: Selva Verde, locted in Chilamate de Sarapiqui, a private reserve well known for its birdlife such as Oropendolas and others. La Selva Biological Station is another attraction. Managed and operated by the Organization of Tropical Studies (OTS). Located 2 miles south from Puerto Viejo, this reserve is particularly interesting due to the profuse birding life that protects through its 1,500-hectare extension. More than 420 species of birds have been identified. There are trails spreading along the reserve leading, to fantastic scenerarios suitable for research purposes or simply nature admiration.

Selva Verde Lodge
El Bambú